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Turn ordinary water into amazing water.

The quality of the water you drink matters. Hydros turns filtered water into delicious, mineral-rich water that absorbs better in the body and supplies the trace minerals and electrolytes your nervous system needs to thrive.

pH Balancing

Nervous System Support

Improve Hydration

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  • The minerals your body needs to thrive.

    Literally thousands of processes in your body depend on trace minerals to run properly. Unfortunately, these minerals have been largely stripped from our drinking water and foods, making it essential to supplement with the minerals and electrolytes our nervous system needs to function optimally.

    Sourced from pristine inland seas in Utah, Hydros is formulated to deliver trace minerals and electrolytes in the precise levels your body needs to thrive.

  • Hydros Supplement Facts

    Suggested Use
    For improving hydration and supporting healthy nervous system function, take 40-80 drops of Hydros throughout the day, dissolved in water.

    To Remineralize Water
    Filtered and purified water often contains too few minerals and electrolytes for proper absorption in the body. Add 20-40 drops of Hydros per liter to turn filtered water into high-quality, mineral-rich water.

    Recommended Water Filtration Systems
    Reverse Osmosis, Distillation and Berkey Filters do a good job removing contaminants, but require remineralization for proper absorption.

  • Alkaline Water

    The minerals in Hydros - sourced from pristine inland seas - shift the pH of filtered water from acidic to alkaline, which research has shown to be healthier and better utilized by the body.

    Support Your Nervous System

    Hydros supplies the body with a complete set of the trace minerals and electrolytes your cells (and particularly your nervous system) need to function optimally.

    Deeply Hydrating

    Filtered water is devoid of minerals and electrolytes, and as a result, absorbs quite poorly. This ‘empty’ water will actually slowly strip minerals out of your body, eventually leading to mineral deficiencies. Hydros turns filtered water into mineral-rich water that hydrates your body deeply and helps to address deficiencies.