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Micro · Bios is not your average probiotic.

Unlike conventional probiotics, the revolutionary spore-form probiotics in Micro · Bios were designed (by nature) to survive the acidity of the stomach and reach the the GI tract intact.

This produces a remarkably potent probiotic with unmatched ability to stimulate immune function and build a resilient, truly healthy gut.

cGMP Certified

Immune Stimulating

Microbiome Building


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  • A more powerful spore-form probiotic.

    We partnered with Microbiome Labs (makers of MegaSporeBiotic, the revolutionary spore-form probiotic product) to develop a new formula that is specifically-designed for improving digestive and immune health.

    We learned that three strains - Bacillus Subtilus HU58, Bacillus Coagulans and Bacillus Clausii - do the bulk of the “heavy lifting” in supporting immune system development and stimulating the beneficial gut flora that improve digestion and nutrient absorption.

    We focused particularly on on HU58, the strain shown by studies to most positively promote beneficial flora in the microbiome. Micro · Bios contains a significantly-increased 2 Billion CFU of HU58 per serving.

    The result is a more powerful spore-form probiotic optimized for supporting immune health and building a robust + resilient microbiome.

    Organic Ingredients

    100% Plant Based

    Gluten Free



  • Microbios Supplement Facts

  • Why Spore-Form Probiotics?

    In simple terms, probiotics stimulate the beneficial flora in our gut to grow and outcompete the non-beneficial species. This leads to improvements not only in digestion, but also immune + hormone function and even seasonal allergies.

    BUT, this is true only if the probiotics actually work.

    For the past 20+ years, probiotics have been grown in labs on simple sugar mediums. What we’ve learned is that probiotics produced in this way are quite weak, and are generally destroyed in the acidity of the stomach before they reach the small or large intestines (probiotics need to reach the intestines to have a beneficial effect).

    So researchers essentially went back to the drawing board.

    In re-examining the role of probiotics in the diet, they realized that consuming beneficial bacteria was indeed critical to optimal health, but the types of bacteria used in modern probiotic products were completely different than those found in nature.

    For millions of years, the bacteria humans consumed in their diet came from the soil (often via root vegetables) and not from sugar medium in a lab (who would have thought!?).

    It turns out that bacteria in soil exist in spore-form, a hearty form capable of surviving the acidity of the stomach. This is a completely different form than 99% of modern probiotics.

    Just in the past few years, researchers have pioneered techniques for reliably producing spore-form probiotics in lab conditions, and, critically, at the scale necessary for a commercial product.

    Because of the difficulty of producing these spore-form probiotics, only a handful of these products exist today. 99% of probiotics on the market (and everything you find in a grocery store) still use outdated probiotic technology.

    Micro · Bios is produced in partnership with Microbiome Labs, the unquestioned leader in the world of spore-form probiotics. They’ve done more innovative work in this area than anyone else (not to mention more research to support the efficacy of their spore-form strains).

  • Where is Micro · Bios made?
    Micro · Bios is made in a cGMP facility in Glenview, Illinois.

    Where do the ingredients come from?
    All of the ingredients in Micro · Bios are 100% plant-based and come from domestic US sources.

    Where is Synchro based?
    Synchro was founded in 2011 by biochemist and nutritionist Graham Ryan. Synchro is headquartered in Berkeley, CA.

    Who should use Micro · Bios?
    Anyone with a digestive system. :) In seriousness, almost everyone will benefit from the stimulation of beneficial flora produced by Micro · Bios.

    How do I use Micro · Bios?
    Adults and children age 10 and over: 2 capsules per day taken with food. Children under age 10: 1 capsule per day taken with food.

    Do I need to refrigerate Micro · Bios?
    Nope, because Micro · Bios is spore-form, it is very shelf stable. It has to survive the acidity of your stomach, after all - it should be able to survive your cabinet!