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Ketobasis is brain food, perfected.

Ketobasis is formulated to be primarily C8 MCTs, aka caprylic acid, a specific fat (from coconuts) that is rapidly converted into energy by the body and brain.

0g Net Carbs Per Serving


Brain Fuel

15g MCTs Per Servings

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  • Ingredients + Nutrition
  • Turn your coffee into a delicious brain-boositng latte.

    Add Ketobasis to your coffee, tea, shake (or just drink it in water!) and enjoy an increase in mental energy within 45 minutes.

    Ketobasis uses 100% coconut-derived MCTs. No palm oil!

    Organic Ingredients

    Gluten Free



  • Ketobasis Nutrition Facts


    For a clean + steady source of energy, mix 3 scoops of Ketobasis into ~250ml (8oz) of coffee, tea or water and stir/shake. (When first starting to use MCTs, it’s a good idea to start small - ½ serving per day - and work your way up from there to make sure your stomach is cool with it)