[THE SEVEN] 1. Identify + Remove Dietary Allergens and Toxins

Most dietary approaches out there naturally focus on the foods you DO want to be eating and. It’s our opinion that there’s a lot more to be gained in eliminating from your diet the foods you definitely DON’T want to be eating.

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[THE SEVEN] 2. Low-Carbohydrate, Metabolic-Flexibility Diet

One of the most powerful nutritional “levers” we have to pull to improve the way our body feels and performs is the ratio of macronutrients - i.e. proteins, fats and carbohydrates - we put into it each day.

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[THE SEVEN] 3. How to Drink Water... Intelligently

Everyone knows that proper hydration is important, but what exactly does that mean? Hydration seems so simple on the surface as to be not worth talking about, but the reality is most of us leave a huge amount of potential benefit on the table by not hydrating intelligently.

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[THE SEVEN] 4. Reducing The Cognitive Overhead Of Eating Well (i.e. Staple Meals)

Using foods to legitimately transform the way your body feels and your brain performs is 100% possible, but for this to happen, eating according to these principles has to be an all-day, every day (or nearly every day) practice.

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[THE SEVEN] 5. Take Care of Your (100 Trillion) Gut Bacteria

Microbiologists admit that they're only at the beginning of understanding the relationship between our body/brain and our microbiome, Still, this much is clear: The health of our gut flora is really important to the health of our bodies and brains.

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[THE SEVEN] 6. Eating Nothing (i.e. Time-Restricted Eating)

In previous installments of THE SEVEN, we spent a few thousand words discussing what to eat and what not to eat, but there’s another variable to consider here. Perhaps just as important is the consideration of when to (and when not to) eat.

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[THE SEVEN] 7. The Truly Essential Supplements

Even if you perfectly adhere to every other practice in this series you'll inevitably still be left with some nutritional gaps that leave you shy of what would be considered "optimal" nutritional status. This vitamin and mineral supplementation protocol aims to fill those gaps.

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