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About Us

Functional foods for a life lived in sync

Our Brand Promises

These five brand promises are what we as a company hold most dear. They’re what makes us, us.

These promises are reflected in every product we make, every article or recipe we write, and every communication we have with you.

1. Always Plant Based

We believe that, as a general principle, plant based foods are cleaner, more nutritious and have a lower ethical and ecological impact. Good for us, good for the animals, good for the future of our spaceship.

2. Minimal Ecological Impact

From the ingredients we use (100% plant-based, 95+% organic) to the packaging our products come in (low-waste, minimal plastic) to the materials we use to pack the boxes that arrive to your door (all compostable!)...we scrutinize every step of our operations to minimize energy usage and waste.

3. Organic Wherever Possible

Organic certification almost always means a cleaner and more nutritious product. Not every ingredient we use is available organic certified (yet), so we source organic whenever available (currently 95+% of our ingredients), and work with producers to develop organic supply chains when not.

4. Clean At Every Level

Humanity has sadly created a planet and industrial food system saturated with contaminants of every variety. To counter this, all of our products go through multiple steps of rigorous 3rd party testing to ensure purity, and our packaging was designed from the ground up to make sure it arrives to you that way.

5. Innovating In Partnership With Nature

We design our products using modern know-how to amplify the benefits that whole plants have provided humanity for 1000s of years. We call this design ethos Naturally Innovative Nutrition. The whole-plant, full-spectrum extracts you find in many of our products are one example of this.

Want to learn more about us? Our blog is a great place to start.

Synchro was founded in 2011 by biochemist and nutritionist Graham Ryan.

Thoughts, comments, questions? Reach out here.




Graham Ryan

Graham Ryan

A biochemist, nutritionist and yoga teacher by training, Graham is more-or-less perpetually experimenting with tools and practices relating to the functioning of the human body and brain, with the aim of improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and - most importantly - supporting personal growth and development.

Why? Because it's his core guiding belief that when we're truly and holistically healthy, we naturally move towards greater peace, happiness and compassion.

Graham lives with his lady partner in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  


Sandra Hernandez 
Senior Project Manager

Sandra Hernandez

Sandra is a health and wellness specialist, international yoga instructor, and itinerant coach. Her background has led her to explore the world, taking advantage of opportunities in the global market to grow personally and professionally. She strives to live an extraordinary life of lightness and simplicity, and is on a perpetual search for energizing food, sunshine, oceans, and mountains. 


Lindsay Louise
Fulfillment and Retail Manager 

Lindsay Louise

Lindsay joined the team in 2016 after Synchro changed her lifestyle completely. Already an advocate for the brand, it was a seamless transition into the nutrition and wellness industry.  She's worked with Fortune 250 companies as marketing and social media director and brings a wealth of saavy in this arena.  Lindsay lives in Denver, CO and spends her free time in the mountains either hiking, biking or snowboarding. 


Jess Draper
Customer Support Manager

Jess Draper

Jess is an east coast native who now resides in Denver, CO since 2011. Her background has been in customer support for her various passions ranging from a craft brewery, to a student travel company and now over into wellness & nutrition here at Synchro! When she isn't studying UX Design, you can find her playing guitar, practicing yoga, or camping somewhere in the Rocky Mountains!


Jenna Rupe
Customer Support 

Jenna Rupe

As a yoga instructor and intuitive vegan, Jenna is always looking for ways to be of
service to her fellow humans, animals and planet. She has found that when the body is in harmony, the mind is free to move on to more blissful states. She lives in
Denver, CO and when she isn’t in the yoga studio you can usually find her soaking up the energy of the mountains skiing, camping and hiking. She is excited to bring her love for nutrition and customer service experience to the Synchro team to help
others on their healing paths.


Robert VonH
Supply Chain Manager

Robert VonH

Robert’s passion for vibrant living and natural harmony is informed by his background in biochemistry and botany, his experience as an athlete and yogi. Equal parts light-footed explorer and super-homebody, Robert lives in San Francisco, where he enjoys being by the ocean and cycling along the coastal roads and trails.



Syed AtiF Husain
Marketing and Product Design Lead

Syed AtiF Husain

Atif loves data and design. As a designer and a marketer, he has designed many user interfaces that focus on conversion as much as the user experience & aesthetics. His interest lies at the intersection where design meets business. He is passionate about technology, beautiful products and cats. Don't ever ask him where his hometown is. Lives in Malaysia, Singapore citizen, born in Dubai to an Indian family, even he isn't quite sure where he belongs.


Ryan Greendyk
Lead Copywriter

Ryan is a writer, digital marketing consultant, and healing arts practitioner with over a decade of experience in the health and wellness industry. A seeker of beauty and alignment, he splits his free time between yoga mats, mountains, and wherever inspiration thrives. He lives where the mountains meet the desert, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.