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About Synchro

For us, Synchro is a way of being.

We've devoted the better part of a decade developing a comprehensive and relentlessly innovative system for realizing what we call true health - a state in which the body and brain are vibrant and function at absolute full potential.

We believe it is in this state of true health that our capacity for inspiration, innovation, compassion and joy are at their highest - four things we desperately need more of in the world if we are to build a brighter future for humanity and our planet.

The articles and products on this site are a reflection of this ethos and a part of this system.

Synchro was founded in San Francisco in 2011.

Thoughts, comments, questions? Reach out here.




Graham Ryan
Founder, Lead Writer

A biochemist, nutritionist and yoga teacher by training, Graham is perpetually (read: obsessively) experimenting in all things relating to the performance of the human body and brain. Graham founded Synchro in 2011 as a vehicle for sharing the fruits of his thousands of hours of researching, experimenting and formulating. To immerse himself in the world's best yoga, dance and innovation scenes, Graham splits his time between Berlin, Ibiza and San Francisco.



Michael Chichi
Creative Director

Michael is a designer, photographer & artist.  As a creative director he has worked with brands such as Apple, Red Bull, Virgin & Samsung.  He is interested in micro/macro levels of understanding, patterns in nature, running/hiking, contemporary art, exoconsciousness and the sublime infinite.  He lives in Hawaii with one human, one cat and three chickens.



Sandra Hernandez 
Customer Service Manager

Sandra is a health and wellness specialist, international yoga instructor, and itinerant coach. Her background has led her to explore the world, taking advantage of opportunities in the global market to grow personally and professionally. She strives to live an extraordinary life of lightness and simplicity, and is on a perpetual search for energizing food, sunshine, oceans, and mountains.



Lion William Albaugh
Director of Marketing

After studying Buddhism and Psychology at Naropa University, Lion moved to San Francisco and began a decade long adventure in digital media and consumer marketing, both as a startup entrepreneur and boutique agency owner and operator. His current passions include technology, digital art, and human transformation. He currently lives in Muir Beach, CA with three humans and one dog.



Zachary Azeez
Director of Growth

Zach has been a socially conscious internet entrepreneur since 2007 when he co-founded an alternative media internet radio company in Boulder, Colorado. Zach became addicted to surfing at a young age and has traveled the world in this pursuit. When not working on Synchro he is passionately pursuing the dharma, building food forests, deepening in the sciences and homeschooling his two children on their family farm.



Robert VonH
Director of Operations

Robert’s passion for vibrant living and natural harmony is informed by his background in biochemistry and botany, his experience as an athlete and yogi. Equal parts light-footed explorer and super-homebody, Robert lives in San Francisco, where he enjoys being by the ocean and cycling along the coastal roads and trails. 



Robert Kotz
Director of Technology

Rob has been in the tech world since graduating from Northwestern University with a dual focus on Computer Science and Philosophy in 2007, and has most recently been on a years-long quest to build the perfect life-balance between work, travel, backcountry adventure, music, and exploration of the subtle realms.



Syed AtiF Husain
Growth Manager

AtiF loves data and design. As a designer and a marketer, he has designed many user interfaces that focus on conversion as much as the user experience & aesthetics. His interest lies at the intersection where design meets business. He is passionate about technology, beautiful products and cats. Don't ever ask him where his hometown is. Singapore citizen, born in Dubai to an Indian family, even he isn't quite sure where he belongs.