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Who said eating low-carb on-the-go had to be a challenge?

Loaded with brain-boosting MCT's, KetoManna is a quick and seriously delicious way to keep your body and brain running optimally (burning fats, of course).

Brain Food

100% Plant Based


12g MCTs Per Servings

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  • Perfectly optimized nutrition. On-the-go convenience. Delicious enough to be dessert.

    With 12g of highly-ketogenic MCT's per serving and only 1g of sugar, KetoManna gives your body and brain the exact nutrients they need to perform at a high level while burning fats for energy.

    KetoManna is optimized for the keto diet, but is an amazing on-the-go snack for anyone following a low-carb diet.

    Organic Ingredients

    Gluten Free



  • Ketomanna Chocolate Nutrition Facts


    Natural oils separate! Knead the packet well for 30 seconds before opening. If too firm, warm in your pocket until knead-able.

    To make a chocolate bar

    Knead for 30 seconds, then store in the fridge. (our favorite!)