Would your practice be stronger if your body got the nutrition it needs after class? 

The answer is almost certainly "Yes".  

You know that burn you feel in your shoulders and obliques when you're holding Vasisthasana?  Or in your abs during Paripurna Navasana?  

That's your muscles being pushed to the point of breaking down.  Athletes know this is the essential first step in getting stronger...but only if your body has the nutrients it needs to rebuild.  Athletes also know that there is a 1 hour "magic window" that begins immediately after your workout in which your body will do most of it's rebuilding if it's given proper nutrition.  

No one needs reminding of how much it's possible to sweat in a vigorous Vinyasa class in a hot room.  But you're losing a lot more than water when you sweat this much.  Valuable minerals are lost as well.  The faster you replace these, the faster your body will be able to integrate the work you've done in your practice.

At Synchro, we believe it's time to take the wisdom of the athletic world and use it to get stronger, faster and move deeper into our practices.  Fortunately, it's never been easier to get the proteins, minerals and antioxidants your body needs to begin rebuilding.  Synchro Genesis uses the world's highest quality plant-based proteins and combines it with a spectrum of superfood-quality, whole-food ingredients designed to support and nourish your body in this critical time.

If you're reading this, you probably already believe in the power of yoga to transform individuals and communities.  Furthermore, if people are developing in their practice more quickly, the world will be moving towards greater patience, compassion and self-realization. That's why we want to see the "Post-Class Shake" become as commonplace for yogis as the "Post-Workout Shake" is for athletes.   

Once you experience the power of Synchro Genesis to support your body and uplift your metabolism, it will become obvious that this is a ritual that can have great benefit beyond post-class situations.  Providing your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive is not a part-time affair, but something you should do all the time if you want to look, feel and perform your best.  Using Synchro Genesis for breakfast or afternoon snack is a perfect way to ensure your body is always perfectly supported. 

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