Why Antioxidants Are Important (Infographic)

Why Antioxidants Are Important (Infographic) 

At Synchro, we spend a lot of time focusing on avoiding toxins and minimizing their effect on the body and brain. A quick look around the site will yield countless articles on the subject of avoiding toxins and detoxification.

Still, sometimes it's nice to get a visual reference for an otherwise abstract (or in this case, microscopic) subject. This infographic does a pretty good job of this, although I do want to point out some things I would have done differently:

1. In my book, the #1 reason to avoid oxidative toxins is that they trigger our immune system into initiating an immune response. Inflammation has a long list of negative effects on the body and brain, not least of which is that inflammation slows your brain and makes your body feel like shit.  Really, what more reason do you need to avoid oxidative toxins?

2. Many of the foods listed as antioxidant rich (apples? please...) are pretty weak when compared to the true antioxidant superfoods of the world like raw cacao and acai. You would literally have to eat pounds of spinach or apples to get the same antioxidant levels as one serving of Synchro Genesis.

3. Nuts are realistically not great sources of antioxidants (not even walnuts).  Many nuts (brazil nuts, peanuts) are also very commonly contaminated with mycotoxins, which would more than negate any antioxidants found in the nut.

4. 99% of multivitamins are bullshit. Vitamin and mineral supplementation, however, is absolutely essential to optimal health. Confused? Read more here. 

...Other than those 4 points, enjoy!


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