Synchro Society

Synchro began in the summer of 2010 as a small Burning Man camp, bringing together a number of highly committed people who were enchanted by the possibility that transformation didn't have to take so long, that in fact, it might actually be possible to take everything our species has learned over the last 5000 years and integrate it into a truly modern, truly accessible format that could radically transform ourselves and the world.

After Burning Man, the vision for a non-local Synchro Society went dormant while we went to work on Synchro Genesis, what is now our flagship super-food nutrition product. Two years later we decided to come up for air, and began reflecting again on our original intention to build a new society, a global community of people committed to accelerating their own and the world's development in every conceivable way.

Enter Synchro Society.

Synchro Society is our attempt to bring together the world's most brilliant, most activated, most "Synchro" people.

As individuals, we are all tremendously powerful. We have all achieved great success; built companies; launched rockets; written books.

But, as a Society, our power is yet unknown - our guess is that it might very well be unlimited.

So, what makes Synchro Society a true society, and differentiates it from networks like Summit Series, Sandbox, WEF, TED, Burning Man?

True societies don't just convene once a year, or just share information asynchronously online. True societies share daily, weekly, and monthly rituals, maintaining both real and virtual shared spaces. In short, true societies share a common set of values, and more importantly, a common lifestyle. That shared lifestyle becomes the ground by which meaningful and scalable action can actually take place.

Synchro Society is our answer to the question, "Where do we start when there are so many interrelated problems?".

As Buckminster Fuller famously said, "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, you build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

What we need now, is a new model for Society, one that is designed with the internet and a GLOBAL society in mind, not one piecemealed together from fractured social systems originated from the 16th century. 

Nothing less then this will suffice.

Society design begins will ritual design. All communities, societies, religions, nation states, corporations, have shared rituals that encode and replicate their culture over time.

We must come together, a globally distributed team of visionary pioneers, much like the founding fathers did, and craft a new framework, an evolving open-source framework that provides the structure by which a new reality can take shape.

Synchro Society will be the cultural equivalent of DMT in the human brain when consciousness enters the body at birth.

Those afraid of the unknown will try to stop us, but will be unable to. We are the only thing keeping this planet alive. Normal Society is a cancer. We are its cure.

Synchro Society will be composed of people committed to living and evolving the Synchro lifestyle, to being Synchro on all levels in all ways. Residents of Synchro Society will work together to support one another in accelerating their personal transformation as well as the transformation of the larger social and cultural systems in which we live. Synchro Society residents will work together to create an open-source lifestyle framework, a new planetary operating manual, a roadmap for life and culture in the 21st century that seeks to be a viable alternative to traditional religion, nation states, and corporations, something that has yet to be accomplished by new social, religious, and interest based movements. Where others have failed in this regard, we will learn, and avoid the same mistakes. We WILL succeed, because it is our evolutionary imperative. We are the ones we have been waiting for and the time is most certainly now.

Very soon, there will be two realities, "Normal Society" and Synchro Society. Soon enough, every human will have the opportunity to become a resident of Synchro Society, own a stake in the future, and a right to dynamically and holacratically decide where we will go together next.

Whether it is written in the stars or not, 2012 WILL be the most epic year in human history, because WE will make it so.