Cell Phones Disrupt Our Sleep

How Cell Phones Disrupt Our Sleep And Harm Our Health (Infographic) 


We’ve known for a long time that sleep is our body’s natural mechanism for reducing baseline stress levels. Unfortunately, many people are poor sleepers and are not fully utilizing our built-in stress-reduction process.

Even if you do think you’re getting enough sleep, you likely still have some room for improvement.  It is not only how long you sleep for (sleep quantity), but also how much time you spend in the deeper sleep states where the greatest amount of stress reduction and general rebuilding takes place (sleep quality).

One recent technological innovation, above all others, has had a HUGE damaging effect on the quality of sleep we get: the cell phone.

This infographic explains why keeping this device out of your bedroom may be one of the bets things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep. 


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