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1. Toxins in your diet and environment disrupt your metabolism and hormone function.


2. Poor macronutrient ratios burn out metabolism.


To solve these issues, we created Synchro Genesis, the most powerful detoxifying shake blend available today. 

Here's how Synchro works:













What makes Synchro Genesis so effective?


A Better Way to Energize


Synchro Genesis makes you feel alert, energized, and vibrantly alive, without the unsustainable stimulation and crash of other energy products.

Our revolutionary blend was created through a one-of-a-kind alchemy that synergizes the world’s most powerful superfoods into a vitalizing experience that’s much greater than the sum of its parts.



Discover Synchro Genesis

Synchro Genesis was built on a simple premise: people should be able to feel amazing all the time. We want to live in a world where everyone glows with vibrancy and feels empowered to creatively interact. We believe in a new way of walking through life: we call it Being Synchro, a state where your body is always buzzing and your mind is always grounded but visionary.

Seeing that traditional energy products and superfoods weren’t producing the experience we were seeking, we radically re-examined what the body needs to produce this energized, vibrant state of being.  What we've found is that to produce this state sustainably and consistently, an energy product needs to support and nourish the body, not tax it.

To genuinely achieve this, we had to tear down the conventional recipe and start from scratch.
Here are some of the key features of our life-changing blend…

Instead, we use coconut palm nectar, a minimally-processed, low-glycemic sugar that lightly sweetens the product and provides an energy source that won't spike blood sugar levels and tax the metabolism. 

Caffeine gets hugely diminished returns after the initial dose and actually decreases energy levels over time. The special synergy of ingredients in Synchro Genesis actually allows its effects to intensify with consistent use. 

Our keystone ingredient. A good dose of this powerfully energizing and mood-lifting superfood opens up blood-flow throughout the cardiovascular system, so you can feel the body enliven. We went to incredible lengths to assure that the cacao we source for Synchro Genesis is quite literally the best the world has to offer. Old-growth strands of heirloom cacao trees high in the rain forests of Ecuador produce a cacao head-and-shoulders above any other. 

Works in tandem with the cacao to dramatically boost stamina and strength by supporting the endocrine (hormonal) system. 


Amino-complete and highly-digestible, our protein blend supports the building of lean muscle and keeps you feeling satiated.

Detoxifies and repairs the body, and supplies the trace minerals and phytonutrients critical to maintaining a healthy metabolism.


The Science of Synchro Genesis

Raw Cacao is at the heart of Synchro Genesis. Listen to a David Wolfe, another raw cacao fanatic, rant and rave about this superfood and you quickly get a feeling there is more going on here than in a normal chocolate bar.  Raw cacao is exceptionally antioxidant dense.  On the order of 15x greater than blueberries and 30x greater than red wine.  But the benefits of raw cacao go way beyond the antioxidant content.  Chocolate is famous for its mood-lifting properties.  This comes primarily from a compound in cacao called theobromine.  Theobromine is degraded in the processing of chocolate and thus is present in significantly higher levels than in a normal bar of chocolate.  
Perhaps the most powerful property of raw cacao is that is acts as a vasodilator, stimulating blood-flow throughout the body.  The effects of this are remarkable: the body wakes up, the metabolism kicks into gear, the mind sharpens, energy increases.  To be completely honest, with vasodilatation combined with general mood-lifting, eating raw cacao stimulates quite a noticeable, energized high.  This is a very different type of high than created by your cup of coffee, however.  The whole body is involved and there is no hint of jittery over-stimulation and certainly no impending crash.  Combining this cacao high with the complete nourishment of all the other exceptionally nutrient-dense ingredients in Synchro Genesis is what makes the experience of consuming this product so remarkably powerful.  

The raw cacao we are sourcing for Synchro is without question THE best tasting, most powerful cacao on the planet.  Genetically pure 100% Arriba (not a hybrid strain), wild harvested (not farmed) organically shade grown in the mountains of ecuador.  We have tried a lot of different types of cacao at this point from all over the world and this cacao is head and shoulders above the rest.  Enjoy the fruits of our labors and introduce this absurdly powerful superfood into your life.

It is important to note also, the specific advantages athletes can potentially gain from using raw cacao in their recovery nutrition.  The antioxidants help to mitigate the oxidative damage done in a normal training session, but far more significant is the effect of vasodilatation in speeding recovery.  Opening up blood-flow in recovering muscles immediately following a workout allows the body to clear out lactic acid more completely as well as allowing for the delivery of proteins, sugars and nutrients deeper into the muscle to facilitate the rebuilding process.  
Raw Maca has a history of use stretching back literally thousands of years to the Incans living in the extreme highlands of the Andes, Maca has long been respected as a powerful tool for supporting overall system health.  Maca has been treasured for millennia for its remarkable ability to promote energy, stamina, strength, and virility.  Now, with the insights of modern laboratory analysis, we know why this is the case.  Maca is rich in phytonutrients that support the endocrine system, the system in the body responsible for producing and maintaining a balance in hormones.  Maca is classified as an adaptogen as regular use tends to bring relative hormone levels into a dynamic balance, supporting the overall health of the body in the process.  Maca offers a potent energy boost without caffeine, in a way that supports the overall functioning of your body/mind.

High Quality Plant-Based Proteins are the building blocks for every part of your body, and the quality of the proteins you eat does matter.  The proteins in Synchro Genesis are absolutely the best the world has to offer.  The Organic hemp and gemma pea proteins are specifically blended in relative levels to complement each other, since their respective functions in the body differ slightly.   With a perfect amino acid profile and rich in BCAA’s, pea protein digests rapidly for quick availability to the muscles.  This boosts energy and allows for more complete rebuilding of muscle tissue when used post-workout.  Hemp protein also boasts a complete amino acid profile, but is slower to digest, providing ongoing fuel to maintain a stable metabolism throughout the day.  Hemp protein is also rich in fiber and beneficial Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. 

Freeze-Dried Acai A true miracle fruit, Acai is the planet’s richest source of antioxidants.  The organic, freeze-dried variety of acai we source for Synchro Genesis preserves more of the antioxidants and nutrients than any other acai avialable.  Acai has a huge range of health benefits, from boosting metabolism to speeding recovery from workouts, as well as mitigating the oxidative stress the body is subjected to during a intense bouts of activity.  

Synchro Greens Blend is specifically formulated to deliver a wide array of micronutrients to powerfully support overall system performance.  Synchro Greens Blend is also rich in chlorophyll, which has a huge list of benefits that has been shown to absorb heavy metals and other toxins in the body.  Put simply, Synchro Greens Blend supports you at the cellular level.

Coconut Palm Nectar While other meal-replacement products will be sweetened with cheap, low-quality sweeteners that actually negatively affect metabolism by causing a spike in blood sugar, we have gone to great lengths to find the absolute best sweetener available.  With Coconut Palm Nectar, we're confident we've found just that.  As a minimally-processed, organic, and low glycemic-index sweeter, we'd be satisfied with Coconut Palm Nectar just based just on those credentials.  But, to top it all off, it is also an outrageously delicious sugar that pairs exceptionally well with raw cacao, bringing out rich chocolate flavor in Synchro Genesis.