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How much better would you perform if your nutrition was optimized?


If you are an athlete, you're constantly pushing your body to the limits.  Whether you are a recreational athlete or you are competing at the top level of your sport, nutrition can be the difference between blowing away your performance expectations - or stagnating, wondering why you aren't getting stronger and faster.  


Optimizing your nutrition will help you feel better during and after workouts in ways that you never thought possible.


...which is why it is a shame that 90% of sports nutrition products on the market use cheap, highly-processed ingredients, void of any real nutritional quality.  If you've been using another sports nutrition product, switching to the deeply-nourishing, optimized nutrition of Synchro Genesis can produce a remarkable change in the way you feel and respond to training.


Read on to learn more about what makes Synchro Genesis so special for athletes...


The Science Behind Synchro 

The most critical element of an athlete's diet is the nutrition consumed pre- and post-workout, the latter of which is referred to as recovery nutrition.  Here's why Synchro Genesis delivers the body exactly what it needs in the period of recovery better than any other product on the market:

  • Synchro Protein Blend. Yellow pea protein and raw hemp protein both have complete amino acid profiles, and the unique blend in Synchro Genesis was designed to deliver the exact relative levels of the aminos needed by recovering muscles.
  • Yellow pea protein is highly bio-available and digested very quickly making aminos available to recovering muscles in the critical 45-60 minute period immediately following a workout when muscle repair metabolism is most active.  Unlike the Whey Protein that you find in 90% of recovery products, Pea Protein is a clean plant-based protein that does not trigger allergies or create digestive issues.  Pea protein better in a recovery context than whey and has none of the all-too-common side effects.                                                                                            
  • Raw hemp protein digests a bit slower, so Synchro Genesis continues to deliver needed aminos beyond this initial period as muscles continue to re-build.

On top of this, the nutrient-dense, functional foods in Synchro Genesis facilitate recovery and nourish the body in ways that no other product on the market can offer.  If you're looking to take your training and performance to a new level without the use of potentially toxic and dangerous designer supplements, nutrient-dense, functional foods are absolutely where your focus needs to be. 

  • Raw maca supports the endocrine system (hormone levels) typically taxed by intense training.  Raw maca is excellent preceding a workout as well as it is generally associated with increased stamina and greater feelings of strength.  Your training intensity willincrease with the addition of raw maca.   
  • Raw cacao stimulates bloodflow to the muscles, assisting the clearing of lactic acid and the delivery of nutrients during and after a workout.  This bloodflow stimulation also allows for more efficient delivery of oxygen, helping you to increase your workout duration and intensity.
  • Acai delivers exceptional levels of antioxidants, mitigating oxidative damage (by lactic acid) to the muscles during training. 
  • Synchro Greens Blend is specifically formulated to deliver a wide array of micronutrients that powerfully support metabolism in intense periods of exertion.  

Critical for recovery in endurance athletes is making sure your post-workout nutrition is around a 3.5:1 carb to protein ratio. This ratio has been recognized in recent research as being ideal for replenishing glycogen stores in muscles and rebuilding lean muscle.  Using the recipe below is a simple way to get very close to this ratio using Synchro Genesis.

Synchro Recovery

1 Serving (~4Tbsp) Synchro Genesis 
8oz Almond Milk
1 Tbsp Melted Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp Brown Rice Syrup or Maple Syrup
2 Ice Cubes
Directions:  Add ingredients in a blender!