A Guide To DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Products (Infographic)

A Guide To DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Products (Infographic)

You would never drink a bottle of windex or clorox, would you?  Of course not, they're highly toxic and would result in intense sickness (at minimum).

But for some reason, most people don't have a problem with spraying these product all over their homes.  This is insane.

We now know that the skin is a highly absorbent organ and anything that is on your counter or windows is guaranteed to make it into your body or the bodies of your family.  If you're doing the cleaning, you're also breathing the vapors of these toxic cleaning products, meaning your exposure increases exponentially.

The reality is, not only are these traditional cleaning products toxic, they're also unnecessary.  There are common (and inexpensive) household products that are just as effective in cleaning and disinfecting your home.

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