Synchro Salad V.2 - Sweet Potato and Kale + Avocado Dressing

I can say (with all seriousness) that I believe there is a linear relationship between how much kale you eat and how good you feel.  Of course, there's probably an upper limit to this - but the point is, few people are anywhere close to this limit and almost everyone will benefit from bringing more of this nutritional powerhouse into their diet.

As with Synchro Salad V.1, the intention of this recipe is to create a salad that is so nourishing, fulfilling and delicious that you start to literally crave this salad (and thus, kale).  Once the experience of eating this salad is ingrained into your memory and you start to crave it, you will have effectively succeeded in hacking your body's instinctive desire for food to serve you rather than work against you.  Manufacturers of refined and processed foods have long used this same hack to lure you into craving (and buying) their shitty products.  Now, we can reclaim our cravings and use them as allies.  And really, once you retrain your body in this way, there's no going back.  While the satisfaction in eating processed foods is one primarily of the tastebuds, Synchro Salad satisfies the whole body.  I feel distinctly high after eating one of these salads.  So without further adieu...



  1. Tear or Chop the kale into small pieces into a large bowl.  Rinse and drain thoroughly.
  2. Halve the Avocados, scoop out and add to the bowl.  Mash completely with a fork until only scattered small chunks remain.
  3. Juice the lemon onto the kale.
  4. Add Liquid Aminos, Vinegar, Cayenne and Black Pepper.  Toss until completely mixed.  (this takes me a few minutes)
  5. Add Hemp Seed and Sweet Potato.  Toss again lightly.
  6. Enjoy!

Your delicious, filling, deeply-nourishing Synchro Salad!

Stay Synchro, 

     Graham Ryan




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