It would be tough to overvalue the positive impact of a healthy gut. Digestion and nutrient absorption both improve, of course, but the benefits go far beyond this:

Energy levels and mood improve. Inflammation is reduced. Immune function becomes more virulent.

Building a healthy gut takes more than just eating healthy. We need to take care of the bacteria that inhabit out gut!

This means getting both PREbiotic fibers and starches (what beneficial gut bacteria eat) and PRObiotics (which promote growth of beneficial bacteria).

The gut health bundle covers both of these bases completely and intelligently.

Micro · Bios

The revolutionary spore-form probiotics in Micro · Bios were designed (by nature) to survive the acidity of the stomach and stimulate beneficial bacteria in the GI tract. The result is a medical-grade probiotic with a remarkable ability to heal digestive function and stimulate immune function.

Pre · Bios

The unique blend of prebiotic fibers and starches in Pre · Bios is designed specifically to build beneficial bacteria in the gut that will outcompete and eliminate non-beneficial and parasitic species.

Complete Gut Health Bundle #1 (One Month Supply):
1 Pre · Bios + 1 Micro · Bios (Save 5%)

Complete Gut Health Bundle #2 (Two Month Supply):
2 Pre · Bios + 2 Micro · Bios (Save 10%)