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Mega Sporebiotic
Mega Sporebiotic Mega Sporebiotic Mega Sporebiotic Mega Sporebiotic


          • Spore-based probiotic formulas are unquestionably the future of the probiotic market, and Mega Sporebiotic is the most effective spore-based product available in this new probiotic paradigm.

            Traditional probiotic products are marginally effective (at best), as most of these bacteria will die in the acidic environment of the stomach, never making it to the small intestine or colon they need to reach to be effective.

            Spore-based probiotics overcome the issue by delivering bacteria in hearty endospore form, able to resist the acidity of the stomach and successfully colonize the gut. The difference in efficacy is hard to understate. Traditional probiotics (99% of the market) are certainly better than no probiotics - but Mega Sporebiotic is in a completely different category with regards to efficacy.

            Improved digestion and immune function, and reduced allergy symptoms are among the effects commonly reported by new Mega Sporebiotic users. 

          • Ingredients: Please refer to www.megasporebiotic.com for ingredients.

          • Suggested use: Two capsules per day.



Mega Sporebiotic has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 22 reviews.