What Gold Elixir Customers are saying

What Gold Elixir Customers are saying

“I have been taking Synchro Gold for the last 6 months, and I take it everyday. I sleep through the night, climb any mountain, run challenging courses. Today, I feel stronger than ever.”


SusanGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“Love this product. I've used it for a year and a half. Feel awesome, helped with joint pain and not one migraine! It’s really nice to find a company with high quality products with efficacy. Thanks!”


Connie GraberGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“I think this is a really good product. It really does help with the inflammation and it gives me great energy and clarity. I would recommend it to friends and family.”


Chaundra CauthenGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“I am a former football player who has had seven knee surgeries (four replacements), hip surgery and shoulder issues! Over the years, I have managed the pain fairly well! However, reaching 75 years, the pain has become very difficult. I don’t like to take Advil every day so I tried Your Gold Tumeric supplement and have had almost miracle results with pain management! Thank you so much! I am living life now much happier.”


Pat KillorinGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“This has reduced my inflammation without needing to take strong synthetic drugs. It doesn't taste good, but I drink it straight anyway.”


Tina CecilGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“I've had a sprained left ankle for years. Upon going through advertising, I came across Synchro Gold. As I took the product, I noticed relief after my first two days. Also, I live in Midwest of the country and its cold. Still the pain has ceased. I was talking other products, but didn't experience the relief as I have with Synchro Gold. Thank you for sharing this product with me and the communities around the world.”


Portia SolanoGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“A friend recommended this product some years ago. The pain in my fingers has disappeared while using this product. I take a teaspoon full every morning. The fingers are still bent etc but the pain has stopped. I cannot miss taking it every morning. I buy the 4 bottles at a time.”


Paul TracyGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“I have found that Synchro Gold works very well in keeping my blood sugar in check. Also cannot imagine how many more aches and pains I would have without it. Definitely will keep ordering this!”


Caroline SchultzGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“I had knee problems - now I take this everyday and my knee is better. Thank you! Amazing”


Carolyn McCaffreyGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

“As an active 50yr old, I have tried many supplements to keep myself on the move. A few years ago I started taking various tumeric supplements, most of which helped but not the significant boost until I tried Synchro Gold. Literally overnight, the inflammation and pain from my knee subsided. I seriously have never had any type of supplement work so quickly; it usually takes several weeks.”


Virginia MitchellGold Liposomal Turmeric customer

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