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Fountain Of Youth Bundle

Fountain Of Youth Bundle

Fountain Of Youth Bundle


Turn back your body's clock.

With our four most potent products for balancing the body's inflammation response and slowing the progression of metabolic aging.

The Fountain Of Youth Bundle is  a one-month reset program designed to transform how your body feels day-in-day-out. Here's what it includes:

(4 16oz bottles) Gold Liposomal Turmeric
(2 500g canisters) Genesis Metabolism-Boosting Powerfood Shake
(1 Bottle - 30 Servings) Micro · Bios Medical Grade Spore-Form Probiotic
(1 300g Canister) Pre · Bios Prebiotic Digestive Cleanse

Here's how it works. For one month, each day you take:

1. One 1oz serving of Gold Liposomal Turmeric (in the morning)
2. One Serving of Genesis Metabolism-Boosting Shake (for breakfast)
3. A second 1oz serving of Gold Liposomal Turmeric (mid-day)
4. One Serving of Pre · Bios Prebiotic Digestive Cleanse (just before dinner)
5. Two Capsules of Micro · Bios Probiotic (just before dinner)

What's happening?

Gold and Genesis work to raise your metabolic function and restore balance to your body's inflammation response, helping you to feel less achy and energetic within the first few days.

Microbios and Prebios work in concert to build healthier gut flora that keep your immune system strong and inflammation in balance over the long term.

If you use these products every day for a month, you'll be astonished at how much better your joints and muscles feel, and how much better your energy levels are. Or in other words, you'll feel like you found the Fountain Of Youth. 

Inflammation Fighting

Improves Brain Health

Dramatically Improves Joint Health

Stimulates Body's Natural Healing