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Who said eating low-carb on-the-go had to be a challenge?

Loaded with brain-boosting MCT's, KetoManna is a quick and seriously delicious way to keep your body and brain running optimally (burning fats, of course).

Brain Food

100% Plant Based


12g MCTs Per Servings

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  • Ingredients + Nutrition
  • Why Keto?
  • Perfectly optimized nutrition. On-the-go convenience. Delicious enough to be dessert.

    With 12g of highly-ketogenic MCT's per serving and only 1g of sugar, KetoManna gives your body and brain the exact nutrients they need to perform at a high level while burning fats for energy.

    KetoManna is optimized for the keto diet, but is an amazing on-the-go snack for anyone following a low-carb diet.

    Organic Ingredients

    Gluten Free



    Please note that this product is not kosher certified.

  • Ingredients

    Organic Coconut, Organic Cocoa Paste, MCT Oil, Inulin, Pink Himalayan Salt, Monk Fruit Extract, Vanilla.

    Nutrition Facts

    Ketomanna Chocolate Nutrition Facts


    Natural oils separate! Knead the packet well for 30 seconds before opening. If too firm, warm in your pocket until knead-able.

    To make a chocolate bar

    Knead for 30 seconds, then store in the fridge. (our favorite!)

  • Ketosis is a metabolic state in which the body runs primarily on fats rather than carbohydrates.

    A huge majority of people experience improved energy levels, mental performance and body composition when on a ketogenic diet.

    Want to learn more? Our Keto homepage is a great place to get started.