Synchro x [Artist] Series #1: Dustin Klein

First, a quick word on the Synchro x [Artist] Series.

One of our core beliefs at Synchro is that the more creativity and inspiration we have in the world, the better humanity’s prospects for the future are.

In line with this, a recent obsession of mine has been exploring the possibility that periods of creativity can be engineered. In other words, rather than creative states occurring at somewhat random intervals (as seems to be the case for most of us); can we instead create specific conditions in the body and brain that will reliably improve our access to creativity? 

Naturally, most of my experimentation in this area has revolved around nutrition and various aspects of body and brain chemistry, but I’ve also been reaching out to the most prolific artists I know to learn more about the rituals and practices that allow them to produce at such a high quality and volume. (You'll see a lot more from me on this topic in the coming months.)

In addition to me learning a ton, these conversations also birthed the Synchro x [Artist] Series.  

For this series, we’ll be collaborating with some of our favorite artists to produce limited-edition runs of exactly 108 pieces of apparel. When the 108 pieces of a certain style are gone, they’re gone for good.

For our first design in the series, we had the pleasure of working with multi-disciplinary artist Dustin Klein.  Dustin is a prolific creator, athlete and founder the lifestyle cycling brand Cadence.

Dustin designed a T in his distinct “Commotion” style. These are printed onto high-quality 100% cotton T's that fit and feel absolutely perfect in my humble opinion. You can see the shirts here.

Dustin is an insightful and thoughtful dude, I hope you enjoy the interview with him below.

Stay Synchro,


Interview With The Artist: Dustin Klein

Synchro: Describe your artistic style.

Dustin: My work is the result of the combination of the tactile feel of creating the medium, visual results, and the cultivation of a formula. When these three elements mix the result is a process that is efficient, optically strong and flow-inducing to create.

Synchro: Describe what is means to you and/or how it feels to be in “flow state”

Dustin:  For me flow is a kind of moving meditation. It can occur from painting, cycling, dancing, conversation etc. etc. it is not just the results of an artistic practice.  Although it can be cultivated from a consistent creative practice.

Synchro: Tell us about your daily practices and rituals.

Dustin: Depending on the day of the week, in the morning I will either go for a bike ride, do yoga, or a long hand writing practice).

Walk our 6 lb dog Winston.

Make a list of tasks for the day/week. Check on the garden and the chickens.  Work on Cadence, editing Everything's Been Done videos, drawing, life tasks etc.  Eat lunch around noon. More tasks.

Some days I will instill a sitting practice mid day.

Eat a Synchro Genesis everyday around 3.

More tasks.

Around 5 pm I will transition to outside tasks i.e. Building, wood working, garden.

Walk Winston.
Make dinner.

A recent DKlein collaboration with Adidas

Synchro: How does a foundation of health impact your creativity?

Dustin: One of my values is healthy living. I see this as a balance of physical, mental and spiritual elements. I am not militant about any of these. But I do try and be conscious of each of them.

Cycling is one practice I have found that affects; mind, body, soul. Because of this I tend to prioritize this discipline.

Synchro Genesis is part of my daily ritual as an afternoon snack. I'll look forward to it each day and miss it when I am not able to have it.

When the body is maintained it makes creating that much easier. A physical practice balances the energy for a static creative work like drawing or painting.

For me the key to a healthy life is balance.


The Synchro x DKlein Limited Edition Tees

You can check out the Synchro x DKlein T-Shirts HERE

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