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The Most Significant Thing You Can Do In 2013 Is *BE SYNCHRO*


We throw around the phrase "Be Synchro" often. To us it means something powerful, something true, it is something we feel as much as it is something we think.   There is a host of other adjectives we've used to approximate "Synchro" to communicate it to the uninitiated...

Be Vibrant.  Be Strong.  Be Brilliant.  Be Amazing, Etc.

But there is always something lost in trying to approximate Synchro with other adjectives, because the most significant thing about Synchro is that it is not something we ourselves have created, but rather a 'current' in the unfolding of the cosmos that we have recognized and simply put a name to.  This planet and our species, as a reflection of the cosmos are continually moving towards greater and greater levels of complexity, elegance, interconnection and above all else, beauty.  Synchro is simply the name we've given to this current manifesting in the human species. 

Of course, this current would continue to manifest independently of any of us, as it is far larger and more multidimensional than we could ever hope to conceive of.  But at the same time, there is a choice we can make: To either be participants in this current, or sit idly while we are generally floated in the direction of this current, but always a bit behind and never really grasping the magnificence and beauty of this moment in time.  In other words, to cultivate the life practices that keep us at the forefront of this evolution of the human species or to hold on to comfort and the status quo despite knowing that our world is changing at a faster rate than ever before. 

I know the choice I've made, and the challenge is to continue to think/act/live in alignment with this choice every moment of every day.

So call it what you want, but this new year, resolve to do the only thing that actually matters: resolve to *Be Synchro*.  You deserve it, the world needs it.

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