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The (famous) Synchro Salad Recipe

Although perhaps unconventional for a recipe blog post - I'm going to attempt to begin this article with a tone and gravity that matches the reverence we hold for this kernel of culinary brilliance I'm about to transmit here.  ("...you are talking about a salad recipe, right?" um, yes...)  
If you've made your way deep enough into the Synchro universe to find this blog, you're likely at least aware of the idea that, far more than a product, Synchro is a lifestyle design system.  A system guided by intelligence, elegance and efficiency above all else - intended to optimize your body/mind system such that you are progressively embodying more and more vibrance, energy, clarity and capacity to do awesome shit in the world.  One thing we've observed over the past few years is that for certain components of the system, intelligence, elegance and efficiency are expressed so brilliantly that the resulting component seems like a hack of sorts.  This component produces results far beyond what one would expect from at the work required and the elements that comprise it.  The sum is greater than the parts, so-to-speak, and by a margin that is shocking.  Synchro Genesis is certainly an example of this.  
The Synchro Salad is another.  
     So why is a salad recipe a hack?  Well, to start, let me say why it is so awesome.  To start, it's f'ing scrape-the-bowl-clean delicious.  I'll return to this in a moment.  Secondly, if it is not the most nutrient-dense bowl of food you could ever hope to compile, it is pretty close.    Kale, sprouted lentils, and quinoa come together to make a base that delivers a ridiculous level of nutrients.  It's exceptionally high in antioxidants, powerfully anti-inflammatory, rich in high-quality dietary fiber and because the kale and lentils are so alive, its also rich in enzymes that radically increases the absorption of the nutrition.  The dressing is creamy and flavorful and adds high-quality oils to the salad, also crucial for absorption of the nutrients.  Roasted beets and sweet potatoes take the color, flavor and nutrition of the salad over the top.  The ingredients come together in synergy such that there is an emergent produced when the recipe is completed, both the taste and the power and functionality are far greater than the sum of the ingredients alone.
    The experience of eating a Synchro Salad is a unique one.  It is so delicious to your mouth that you sometimes forget to breathe in between bites.  But unlike other foods that could also fit this description, with Synchro Salad it is as if your whole body is in agreement about this.  You are nourishing your body so deeply and completely there is a energized high, of sorts, that comes as part of the eating process.  Your body does not forget this either.  Some strange positive feedback cycle is created such that it is a qualitatively different type of eating pleasure you get from eating Synchro.  
This is what makes Synchro Salad a hack.
The enjoyment that comes from eating this salad is such that, once initiated, you crave this salad.  One of the healthiest things you could put in your body becomes exactly the thing you want to eat.  Most extremely healthy eaters will confirm that after a while, the things you crave are the things that make you feel the best rather than the things that simply taste the best.  What is remarkable about Synchro Salad is just how quickly it enables this shift to happen for people.
For us, Synchro Salad is an almost-every-night ritual.  We make it and through some psychic mechanism, as soon as the salad is completed, anyone in the house is suddenly present, fork-in-hand. ready to join in the salad.  I've begun to account for what we call "mooch factor", because it is almost a certainty if there is anyone in the house with you, you are not finishing the salad alone.
A final note, then the recipe.  Eating the salad as a night time ritual is strategic, in a sense.  I mentioned that the salad (kale specifically), is powerfully anti-inflammatory.  Eating the salad at the end of the day when inflammation tends to be greatest is therapeutic.  It relieves a lot of the stress of the day such that the quality of my sleep is noticeably better on nights when I eat the salad.  Getting a huge serving of high-quality dietary fiber at the end of a day does wonders for the digestive system.  Especially when your body becomes tuned to getting this big serving of fiber on a daily basis, the improvement is digestive quality and regularity is amazing.

The Synchro Salad Recipe


3 Tbsp Veganaise (we like Grapeseed for the high-quality oils)

3 Tbsp of Tamari (or 2tbsp Bragg's Liquid Aminos)

1 Tbsp Shredded Ginger

1 Tbsp Water

Directions:  Add ingredients to jar and shake until completely mixed.

4-5 Big leaves of green kale, shredded
1 cup sprouted lentils (directions here)
1 cup cooked quinoa
1 cup roasted sweet potatoes and beets (cut into chunks and toss in a pan with melted coconut oil.  bake in oven at 425 for ~40min or until soft and the sweet potatoes just begin to brown)
Directions: Add ingredients to a large bowl.  Pour dressing over the top and toss for ~2 min until the salad is completely mixed and the kale begins to soften a bit.  Sprinkle 2-3 Tbsp of nutritional yeast  over the top and toss again lightly.  Prepare yourself for a radically new kind of salad...

...and enjoy!
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