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200 Miles in 34 days - Synchro Genesis on the John Muir Trail

     Our good friends and resident Synchro backcountry fanatics Erik and Kelly are setting off on a pretty epic trek tomorrow morning.  John Muir Trail, end-to-end.  211 miles, 34 days, from the Tuolumne Meadows in the Yosemite Valley to the top of Mt. Whitney.  Gawd damn we're inspired.  We're stoked for them, obviously because such complete immersion in some of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet can only do good things for the body/mind system and the soul...but also because Synchro Genesis will be with them every step of the way as a primary means of bringing super nutrient-dense fuel into their physically demanding days.

Synchro Genesis in the re-supply box (mailed to Bishop, CA) and the bear can, respectively.


We'll be doing periodic updates as we get reports and photos from them as they pop into cell reception along the way.  Stay tuned. 


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