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The Synchro System for Radical Personal Development (Part 1)

I thought you citizens of the outside world might appreciate a peek inside the hyper-productive/borderline-manic/deeply-inspired envisioning that is going on non-stop at Synchro HQ right now and see what's literally on our whiteboard at the moment. This is mostly just a preview/teaser for a multi-installment article that will be posted here over the next few weeks outlining what we're calling "The Synchro System for Radical Personal Transformation". This is a system that we've been gathering data for, with varying degrees of intent, for over a decade. It wasn't until the past few years that we realized there was a new system being formed, one that pulled on the wisdom of countless other systems before it and seeks to integrate and apply that wisdom alongside new information from the hyper-interconnected/informed universe that we live in today - and synthesize all of this into a framework that is very intentionally designed to be powerful at this moment in human history. Furthermore, it's only over the past few months that I've personally had several of the big conceptual elements articulated and put in place such that there is a meaningful system to begin fleshing out. 

Late last night the concepts began to be arranged onto a visual representation of the system - finally crystallizing as I was about half-way through my asana this morning. I literally stopped half way though a Surya Namaskara B and went to the whiteboard to transfer the image from my mind onto the whiteboard.
The details of the system will be articulated over the course of somewhere around 5 articles to come over the course of the next few weeks. There is a TON of information/data to be covered here, so for now I will just explain the fundamentals of the system so the diagram can be interpreted. 

The key idea underlying all of this is that personal transformation is not some mystical process where the goal you are moving towards is some pseudo-spiritual ideal of a "realized" or "enlightened" being. Personal transformation is the cultivation of very real, measurable traits that we all generally value and would like to embody more of: energy, intelligence, power, patience, strength, cognitive prowess, compassion, emotional intelligence, social sophistication, etc, etc are high on that list. Furthermore, the mechanism by which personal transformation occurs is not a mystical, esoteric process either. It's 2012. We have more information available to us than we could ever hope to consume in a 1000 lifetimes - and we have a ton of data on what works and what doesn't in cultivating the traits listed above. What the Synchro System seeks to contribute to this body of knowledge is not only refining what works, but articulating WHY these things work. The idea, as simply as possible, is this: In the process of personal development, and there are "currencies" that must be exchanged for the process to advance. This perhaps requires a proper diagram down the road, but I'll try to illustrate it here:

Psychic Energy/Prana/Chi > (is the currency for) > Transpersonal Experience > (which becomes the currency for) > Personal Transformation.

There is obviously a ton of content to go over here. This is essentially the whole Synchro System represented in ~20 words. But before moving on I want to take a moment to demystify "transpersonal experience" just as I did for personal transformation. Transpersonal experience certainly includes earth-shaking revelations, "spiritual" experience, and deep introspection. But that is far from the limits of what can be considered transpersonal experience. These experiences manifest in widely varying different types and intensities, from flashes of clarity and inspiration to a quiet moment contemplating one's actions or relationships to a full-blown deeply ego-detatched psychedelic experience (which will be a primary focus later). I think a definition is useful here, so I will define transpersonal experience this way: any state or experience where normal patterns of egoic operation are consistently absent or greatly diminished in one's awareness. This opens up an interesting question, which is obvious enough that I will address it now: by that definition, is someone blackout drunk or heavily sedated on benzos having a transpersonal experience? Possibly, yes. But that highlights the need to make value judgments when transpersonal experience is concerned. Those two examples are clearly going to inhibit the individual's ability to further explore new patterns of thought that arise and they certainly will be less likely to remember and integrate and new perspectives or information after the experience. Shoot for pranayama, zazen or ritualized/intentional use of entheogens instead.

So I want to quickly go through some of the primary language and themes on this diagram, and then wrap up this already-too-long "teaser'. First the idea of expending the metaphor of "currency" in the transformation process. The metaphor comes from the idea that the system by which personal development occurs has environmental factors and inputs, just as local economies do. If you are looking to make a purchase in a foreign country, you must meet three requirements: you must first be in the country (for our metaphor, be in the proper environment), you must speak the language (possess the conceptual systems to understand and integrate the experince) and you must have currency (psychic energy/prana/chi for our metaphor). So if the "purchase" you are trying to make is transpersonal experience, you need to design your life to maximize the amount of psychic energy/prana you have available to you. This is your currency. There is a clear relationship between how much prana energy you have available to you and how quickly you will be able to evolve and embody increased energy, power, strength, mental clarity, intelligence, etc., etc. The rituals ("country") and conceptual systems ("language") are critically important, but in the end they are mechanisms to feed back more prana/psychic-energy/chi into the system.

The future of Synchro is as a sort of open-source lifestyle framework where brilliant minds and accomplished explorers of the human body/mind system collaborate to further articulate the details of this framework. Internally, we have begun to think of everything we're doing in 3 divisions; (1) Synchro Body, (2) Synchro Mind and (3) Synchro Life. Which are systems roughly correlating to and intended to optimize (1) prana energy generation/availability/mastery, (2) Intellectual integration and (3) rituals/life-design. These, of course, further correspond to the "foreign purchase" metaphors of "currency", "language" and "country." 

One final note: where does Synchro Genesis fit into all of this? Clearly it is covered by the Synchro Body territory as optimized nutrition is a HUGE part of the process of maximizing the amount of prana/psychic energy available to you. (Synchro Body will likely be the topic covered in the next article) Synchro Genesis also becomes part of the Synchro Life territory as when used consistently, becoming a ritual that works to ingrate the lessons and "downloads" of transpersonal experience into your life. So if you're looking for the easiest and possibly the most powerful entry point into this intensely powerful system - integrating the ritual of Synchro Genesis into your life is a damn good place to start. Check out more on Synchro Genesis here:http://synchro.co/pages/genesis 


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