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Beauty and Personal Development in Professional Cycling

It is no secret that we are huge fans of professional cycling. The layers upon layer of beauty in this timeless sport have been the subject of many a website, book, magazine, and movie, and will continue to be for a long time. There is no more beautiful example of man's attempt willingness to inflict mind blowing levels of pain and suffering on their physical body in pursuit of the all-consuming seduction of glory and greatness. And of course, this is all set against the immeasurably beautiful backdrops of both the landscapes where these battles occur and the history of the sport. There are countless instructive metaphors to be drawn here. 

But, there is a more immediate and relevant point to be made about endurance sports in general. More than any other category of sport, endurance sports demand the exploration of the limits of the human body and psyche. An endurance athlete striving to perform at the highest level is constantly having his/her ideas about the limitations of the human body/mind redefined. In this process there is a powerful transformative practice to be embraced and a metaphor to extract and apply to other areas of one's life: the exploration of one's own limitations allows one to realize a higher percentage of those limitations. We will never fully realize our own capacities as human beings - it is a fundamental reality of the human experience - we can only ever realize a percentage of our capacities that we are aware of, and the capacities/potential of a human being is being constantly redefined by the innovators and explorers of the world, moment-by-moment. But inherent in the exploration of our perceived limitations is our movement closer to realizing these capacities. The awareness of them transforms them from barriers to anchors in our lives, pulling us towards them. Do this self-examination on a regular basis and see yourself become a higher expression of your potential as a human being. 

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